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How to make cleaning your kitchen fun

19 Aug

How to make cleaning your kitchen fun

When you ask your children to clean the kitchen in most cases they answer that cleaning sucks. But is it really so difficult an annoying to clean the kitchen? Maybe yes when your kitchen is in total disarray. No one likes to clean a very messy kitchen. But if parents want their children to help them they should show that cleaning dreadful mess of a kitchen also can be fun. Parents should set the example. Teenagers love having fun. Make cleaning a fun time.
First of all start by turning on music. Music will not only make you clean faster, it will also lift your spirit. Music can be a great source of inspiration. There is no doubt that music will lift your mood. You will be more energetic and ready to work.
So, start your kitchen cleaning by washing the dishes. Oftentimes people lay aside this part of the cleaning process. But it’s essential to clean the dishes first. If you have the dishwasher, upload it. After you have unloaded the dishwasher, start with the stuff left in the sink. Remove any pans, pots, cookie sheets and reload the dishwasher. Wash the extra dishes that are still remaining.
After the dishes have been washed, find a damp washcloth and remove any dirt left on the counters and kitchen table. You may also need to use a multi-purpose cleaner if some stains are difficult to remove. Don’t forget about cleaning the stove. Remove any dirt and parts on the stove. Wipe it off well. Then spray the solution on to the stove. It will loosen the dirt and make it easier to clean. Wait for a while and then clean the stove.
Thoroughly clean all the appliances in your kitchen. Check your fridge and oven. They also may need your help. It’s very important to have your fridge in a good shape. You should clean it up very often. Cleaning the oven is a tough task and no one likes doing it. But don’t forget that you set an example so clean it thoroughly as well.
Then sweep the entire kitchen floor. Be patient. Do you best to get every single nook clean and sanitized. Sweep away all the dirt left on the floor and mop. You can use a cleaning detergent mixing it with hot water. Pour water and 3/4 cups of a detergent into a bucket. Be thorough moping kitchen floors.
Congratulation! You have finished!

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