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Cleaning Your Living Room

28 May

Cleaning Your Living Room

Your living room will never look clean and tidy if your sofa is in disarray. First, rearrange and fluff the pillows. Then, fold the throw blankets on your sofa. You can use a hand held vacuum to pick up crumbs. You can pop in a CD while you clean and you will cope even with more tasks in a shorter period of time. It won’t be so annoying to clean your living area while you’re listening to music.

So, turn your favorite song and and dust all bookshelves, tabletops, chair and table legs, and other knickknacks. Dust off the cobwebs, clean all hard-to-reach corners. Use hand-held vacuum for cleaning crumbs and lint under cushions and on the floor. Use disinfecting wipes for spot-cleaning switch plates, phones, etc. Dust from top to bottom, and leave the vacuuming for last.

There is a plenty of ways how to get a living room looking better. If you want to keep your living area clean and not spend a lot of time on it, follow the hints below. Choose what make the most sense to you, depending on how you use your living room and what you keep there.


Encourage your guests and family to take off their shoes every time they enter the house.

If you have a lot of pets (like dogs) you will need to vacuum your living room a lot. Try to wipe their feet each time they enter the house.

Make sure your doormat effectively traps dirt. You can place an additional rug for your pets.

Fluff the cushions and fold the throws.

Spot-clean cabinets when you see fingerprints.

Throw out old magazines and newspapers.

Vacuum and clean windowsills and corners. Wash the insides and outsides of the windows.

Vacuum the upholstery. Clean soiled couches and chair surfaces if needed.

Lift big pieces of furniture and vacuum underneath.

Unplug and dust down all the electronics.

Dust-mop the floors.

Shake out or vacuum the doormat.

Vacuum the rugs and carpeting.


You don’t have to do the whole room in one shot. But cleaning your living area on a regular basis will help you maintain a clean and cozy home.

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