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Aromatherapy and Productivity

Aromatherapy and Productivity 17 Jan

Aromatherapy and Productivity

You will never think that aromatherapy plays an important role in boosting your productivity and energy. Scientists agree that smell is the strongest of our sences and influences our brain activity most. Therapists also agree that esential oils have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fugnal properties. When we inhale essential oils,  they activate the hypothalamus what results in activating immune system, stimulating digestion process and affecting possitively blood pressure.
And now it’s time to choose the kinds of scences. Below is the list, which includes the best senses for boosting your productivity and effectiveness.


This essential oil is known for calming and comforting properties. It helps to control stress and stabilizes our emotional state. Aromatherapists say that lavender is known for treating migraines and headaches.


Lemon is a great scent for those who feel angry and run dowm. It helps to calm down and concentrate. Its’ antibacterial properties help to fight with such diseases as sore throats and colds.


Rosemary is a scent for Mondays, it helps to improve memory and fights physical debility, mental fatique and head aches.


Jasmine has the same properties as lavender. It calms your nerves and stabilizes emotions. This scent is used as anti-depressant.


Cinnamon is known for its stimulating properties that can fight mental and physical fatigue and help to concentrate and focus.


Peppermint is a perfect scent for meating on which you plan to brainstorm, it is a well-known energy booster that stimulates thinking processes.

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