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How to get rid of smoke smell after a house fire

28 May

How to get rid of smoke smell after a house fire

When disaster strikes your property, you have a lot of things to take care of. If your home has experienced a fire damage, stubborn smoke odors may deeply penetrate your carpets, drapes, ceilings, walls, furniture and other surfaces in your home. The odors caused by fire are very harmful to the health of the residents that’s why it’s necessary to let them out of the house. Then, you should perform some smoke odor removal methods to get rid of these unpleasant odors. It’s quite difficult to get smoke odor out. That’s why you may need a professional help.

You can hire professional odor removal services to get rid of the odors caused by the fire. These companies do restoration after fire using special equipment. Oftentimes, these odor removal services cost a fortune, that’s why people prefer to remove the  smoke odors themselves. If you also want to save your money, try to immediately perform the following tips after a fire in your home. We hope our advices will help you get rid of smoke odor more quickly and thoroughly.

Keep all doors and windows open to promote good ventilation in the home. This will help you get the smell of smoke out of your house. If your home still smells of smoke, take the following steps.

Fill several bowls of vinegar and let stay there without anyone in the room for a few hours. Put more of these vinegar bowls in areas of your home which have been severely damaged by fire. Vinegar always works effectively in smoke odor removal so you have to use this eco-friendly cleaning product in your smoke clean-up process. Also, you can try to use fresh coffee grounds to get rid of bad odors. Leave opened can of coffee in your closed room for a few days.

Dip a damp cloth in warm water mixed with vinegar. Clean all walls, furniture, ceilings, cabinets (inside and out), appliances. Wash curtains, clean furniture and carpets with professional cleaning solutions. Make sure you clean up as much as possible. Remember that you should actually destroy the odor molecules, not just mask the odor.

If the odors stubbornly remain even after your initial clean-up process, you should search for professional smoke odor removal solutions currently available in the market. Choose a strong solution that will work in a short time. Follow the instructions in the label when you apply the treatment.

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What is the ratio of vinegar to water? Thanks


Tobacco odors, are the hardest odors to eliminate, why do they hang, around when the sources of the odors are no longer there? The offensive smells you associate with odor is almost always gases released from their sources. These invisible gases attach onto floating air molecules, which drift with the air currents in the room. Over time some dissipate and others most notably smoking and urine odors, penetrate the paint and drywalls, carpet and drapes. There is a natural way to improve indoor air quality and remove smoke odors. Air-Renu, a paint additive that only has to be applied once and works 7/24/365 year after year, keeping your home odor free.


Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.


A house fire is already a disaster but if the smoke is still there, then it will be a big disaster for your health also. There are things you can do to avoid it and good to know that you are able to explain it here in your post.


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