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Cleaning toilet bowl

29 Mar

Cleaning toilet bowl

When cleaning your house the most dreadful task you always wish to omit is cleaning toilet bowls. Nevertheless, there is always someone who should do it. If this person is you, don’t get upset. Of course this cleaning task is not fun or pleasing experience, but still you can complete it fast and easy if you approach it the right way. The most important thing is to follow regular cleaning schedule and use proper cleaning products. If your toilet bowl doesn’t have deep and dark rings, you are lucky one. Cleaning your toilet bowl will be easy task to accomplish. It won’t take a long time. You can follow cleaning tips written below to clean your toilet bowl:

  • Open your windows and put on protective rubber or latex gloves.
  • Flip the toilet lid and seat up.
  • Sprinkle a homemade or commercial cleaning solution under the toilet bowl rim.
  • Spray some cleaning product in the rest of the bowl.
  • Let the products sit for some time.
  • Take a scrub brush and scrub down the sides and bottom of the toilet bowl until it is clean.
  • Flush the products down the toilet.

After cleaning the toilet bowl, don’t forget that you should to clean the rest of the toilet fixture. Do not use the tools you used on the bowl to clean the rest of the toilet.

Add cleaning the toilet bowl to your daily house cleaning schedule. The more often a toilet bowl is cleaned, the easier the job becomes. Maintaining the toilet bowl by doing a quick spray and scrub each day will keep stains, rings and germs out of the toilet and the bathroom.

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