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Use our housecleaning tips and don’t spend a lot of time on cleaning your house

13 Apr

Use our housecleaning tips and don’t spend a lot of time on cleaning your house

Running a household is not an easy job. That’s why a lot of housewives look for the cleaning tips that really help save time when it comes to cleaning the house. We decided to share our housecleaning tips in order to help housewives spend less time on cleaning, and more on themselves.

So the next time you’re waiting for a TV show to start or chatting on the phone, look around the room and decide what quick job you can tackle. Divide and conquer. Tackle one task at a time. If you want to clean the entire house in a one day, you can just end up with a bunch unfinished work!

If you don’t need something, toss it. Grab a trash bag and throw away everything that is out of style now. There is always a lot of stuff lying around that needs to be thrown away. Don’t forget to sort through your magazine, newspapers and recycle them. Toss anything that’s expired or has seen better day in your medicine cabinet. Clean it out as well.

Clean your bathroom. Shine up your mirrors. If you keep up with it, it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to clean them. Get rid of those little white toothpaste spots on your bathroom mirrors and the fingerprints on the one in the entryway. Starting the day with a shiny mirrors, sink, clean towels, and clear, running water will have a positive effect on your morning.

Clean your toaster, refrigerator, microwave, all shelves and countertops. Clean out your coffee pot. Use vinegar and water to clean the machine. Your morning cup of coffee will taste even better.

If you clean some room, don’t forget to sweep, mop or vacuum its floors. Just in 10 minutes you room will be dust-free and sparkling clean. Beat down your rugs. If your carpet has stains, follow our stain removal tips or hire professional cleaning service to fix the problem.

Dust and de-clutter your dresser. Leave only a few special for you things that enhance your room decor. Put everything in its place. Putting things in their place keeps your house looking neater, cleaner, and more organized.

Every time you have a few moments to spare, pick some cleaning task from your to-do list. Unfortunately, we can’t multiply ourselves. That’s why it’s better to always incorporate your family members. Try to clean one room each week. There’s a lot you can do to clean and organize things in just few minutes. Thoroughly cleaning one room should take nearly an hour or two!

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