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Color Therapy For Your Perfect Home

19 Aug

Color Therapy For Your Perfect Home

Color is used as a powerful tool that can inspire, calm, and influence your mood, health, happiness and well-being.

Each room in the house should be colored according to your preferences and color therapy tips. If you choose right colors, you house may become a place for calm, relaxation and rest. Color Therapy is a fast growing field that helps to cure and heal, as well as to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Red is known for its’ ability to raise energy level of the room. Red can be used in the living room or a dining room, it will result in stimulation of interaction and communication. If you want to have strong first impression of your house, color the entry in red. Red is not recommended for bedrooms, because scientists say that it can raise blood pressure and heart rate.

Yellow is chosen by people who love life and it communicates joy and happiness. Yellow is great for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms. Yellow is a very welcoming color, so it is good for entries as well. Color therapists do no recommend using too much of this color, because it tends to develop feelings of frustration and makes people angry.

Blue is known for bringing down blood pressure and slowing down of heart rate. Blue is considered to be perfect for bedrooms and rooms for relaxation. It is recommended to use soft shades of blue. Dark blue is said to evoke feelings of sadness.

Green is considered to be the most natural color and the most pleasant for the eye. It has the characteristics of blue and yellow. Green can be used almost in any room. Green has the ability to comfort and should be used as a main color for decoration.

Purple, especially dark as an eggplant, is known for the ability to boost creativity. Lavender and lilac have soothing and relaxing effect. This color is good for bedrooms.

Orange is a very energetic color. This color should be used in a room where you need lots of energy. This color is perfect for gym, but be careful with using it in a living room or a bedroom. Color therapists say that it increases energy level and helps to heal the lungs.


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