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Enjoy your clean home!

09 Jul

Enjoy your clean home!

Whether you’ve wainting for friends to drop in, are moving out or just can’t take living in mess any more, it might be a good time to clean your place.

You may clean a little here and a little there, but it’s better to set up your own cleaning system and then follow it. You can write down a to-do list and then start your cleaning journey. Also, you may decide to set aside a full day to clean your apartment. Turn on your favourite music, ask your friend to help you in exchange for pizza and beer. Do whatever you need, just get ready to get clean.

You will need quality cleaning products to get the job done. Don’t foret that different surfaces require different cleaning solutions. That’s why you will need pretty large amount of them. Use a bottled cleaner and washable rag.

Don’t forget to prepare cleaning tools. Take dusting clothes, vacuum cleaner, toilet brush, broom, mops, sponges and rags, trash bags and rubber gloves.

First of all yo can do a preliminary walk-through, gather all the items and place them in the room where they do belong. This will make your room-by-room deep cleaning much easier. There is no doubt that cleaning your entire home at once will be overwhelming. That’s why take it one room at a time, and you’ll be done much sooner than you think.

First, tackle the smallest room in your home — your bathroom. Get rid of any trash or laundry. Wash lighting fixtures with water and an all-purpose cleaner. Scrub the shower, tub, sink and its fixtures. Dust or clean window coverings, shower curtain. Scrub the toilet with toilet cleaner and brush. Wash the mirror with a glass cleaner. Sweep and mop the floor. Wash bathroom rugs and empty the bathroom’s trash can.

We all know that the kitchen is no fun to clean. There area lot of items that should be cleaned perfectly. But don’t think about that amount of work. Just do it. Start with the dishes. Then get rid of any trash on the countertops or floor. Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Wash down the sink. Sweep and mop the floors. And don’t forget to clean your ven and fridge.

When you are going to clean your bedroom, start by making the bed. Pick-up everything that shouldn’t be on the floor or under your bed. Dust and clean your bedroom furniture. Vacuum or clean the floor.

When you move to cleaning your living room, first you need to do is to throw away any trash. Then take down any curtains for cleaning. If you have the blinds – dust them. After that clean and dust all the art and photos that adorn your living room. Dust the shelves. Vacuum the rugs and carpets. Enjoy your clean home!

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