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Household Chores & Pregnancy

22 Apr

Household Chores & Pregnancy

Unfortunately, when you have a positive pregnancy test, household chores don’t disappear and you should keep your place clean and neat. Of course, you can ask someone to help you during your pregnancy. But when in such situation there is no one you can rely on, you should find an easy way to tackle with your daily chores. We would like to share with you some tips on how to keep the house clean when you’re pregnant. There are so many beautiful things in pregnancy. You should enjoy this awesome time following the next rules:

Try to avoid fumes. Get rid of harsh, abrasive chemicals. Switch to green cleaning. This will not only protect you in pregnancy, but also will help you prepare for a shift in how to keep your home clean without harsh chemicals once your baby is born. Vinegar, baking soda and lemons are those products you should use while cleaning your home. You would be amazed how helpful they are.

Take care of your back. Your back will start to ache as you progress in your pregnancy. The center of gravity changes after the fourth month of pregnancy. And it will become harder for you to do the things that you’ve been doing lately. To prevent such kind of ache use proper back mechanics.

Exhaustion. There are many symptoms involved in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. The first early pregnancy symptom is exhaustion. That’s why it’s better to hire some maid to help you cope with all household chores. Unless you can afford to hire a maid, make your own list of chores. This will help you divide the cleaning tasks and spend less time on completing them. It’s recommend accomplishing cleaning tasks in 15 minutes segments, maybe one in the morning and one later. All this will help you find the best cleaning methods you will need once your baby arrives anyway.

Stay away from the kitty litter. The cat feces can cause you to contract toxoplasmosis. This can have a negative impact on your pregnancy by causing prematurity or even miscarriage.

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