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Keep your electronic equipment clean

28 May

Keep your electronic equipment clean

There are many items in your home that attract dust and clutter. Take just a few minutes to clean these items properly. The electronics should be cleaned periodically. There are many options available for cleaning these items. We want to share with you some ideas.

Computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, telephones, monitors, and other equipment all collect dirt and dust. You should clean these items periodically to prevent dust from trapping inside as this can create problems with connections. If you want to clean your electronics without wrecking them, follow the next hints.

If speaking about equipment you will need to clean your electronics, use electrostatic cloths, microfiber cloths, compressed air, sprays and other supplies to keep handy.

If you are going to clean your flat screen TV, turn off the equipment first. Wipe it down gently. Dust your screen in long, horizontal strokes with a microfiber cloth or a dry electrostatic dust-mop. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when wiping down. Then, wipe the case, buttons, as well as the back of the TV where dust can settle in the vents. Use an electrostatic dust-mop or a damp lint-free cloth.

Computers are magnets for dust. That’s why it’s better to spare some time to thoroughly clean your computer.  Turn off your computer and unplug the mouse and other electrical cords. To clean interior areas use compressed air. It will thoroughly clean them. Wipe the screen with a slightly damp microfiber or other soft cloth that is designed to remove dirt without scratching or streaking the surface. It’s recommended to use special computer-cleaning cloths and solutions not to damage the screen. Wipe down the monitor exterior with the cloth. Don’t forget to clean your keyboard. To sweep away dust particles hiding under the keys, use compressed air duster. Be careful when using them so the air doesn’t push the dirt further into the device. Take the damp cloth and wipe down the mouse, including the bottom.

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