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Laundry Tips from the Experts

18 Oct

Laundry Tips from the Experts

Even when the most of the work is done by a washing machine and a dryer, all the collecting, sorting, folding activities take lots of time, especially if you have kids and a large family. Today experts will share the tips on how to reduce the time spend doing laundry.

The easiest way to sort your things is to have several baskets for white, black and color things. You may sort dirty clothes as soon as you change it and throw it in the needed basket. It will save a lot of time on laundry day.

When you wear clothes most likely you know whether you have stains on it or not. If you found a stain try to pre-treat it as soon as possible. It will take several minutes but on a laundry day you won’t spend time fighting with the stains.

Make up a schedule and a plan when is a laundry day on your family. Make sure everybody in your family knows and remembers to change dirty clothes before a laundry day.

Are you sure you are using your washing machine and a dryer efficiently? In order to answer this question read all the manual guides one more time. May be there are programs that will help you to economize? May be you will use less water and energy?

Organized laundry will also save your time. When you know where the things may be found than it’s great. Organize the space in the laundry in such a way, so that everything that you use often is easy-to-reach. It’s recommended to have baskets and special organizers for different kinds of detergents. Make it comfortable and easy for you to use.

And now let’s talk about folding. Most women say that folding takes LOTS of time, but you can learn some quick-fold techniques that will save your time. If you have kids that you may use there help during this activity. By the way, kids just love to be helpful.

Be active and save some time on a laundry day using these helpful tips from the experts.


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