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Time-hacks, or with what to combine cleaning

25 Sep

Time-hacks, or with what to combine cleaning

We believe that cleaning should be done without haste. We are convinced: it is a kind of meditation, a way to relieve stress and get away from other pressing problems. But a modern housewife usually as so many things to do at once: with one hand she cooks some soup, with another – dusting, while doing the mask and talking on the phone with her boss … No, unfortunately we do not know where to get another pair of hands. But we can suggest some “cleaning time-hacks”, or, figuratively speaking, ways to increase the number of hours in your day!

The thing is that cleaning is quite a monotonous activity. Many of the actions we’ve raised to automatic performance. So why not to combine cleaning with other matters, for which we never have enough time?

Listen to music. A lot of people were once real music fans and now claim that they “do not have time for this”. We protest! Art is above all else. Get into the habit to listen to new albums of your favorite bands while you are washing the floor, scrubbing the pots or sorting out the mess in the wardrobe. Download the songs you have been willing to listen to for a long time, but didn’t have time for this, go through the playlists of your friends. You will see that the work will go with a swing and your personal charts will be completed with a lot of new beautiful compositions.

Listen to audio books. Audio books conducted a real revolution in reading, allowing combining it with other routine occupations, such as cleaning or ironing. So those who in high school took the exam in literature using only the “summary of the text”, it is time to finally fill the gaps in education. And then it is possible to start reading modern bestsellers, adventure novels, literature, business and even phenomenology. Let’s expand our horizons and restore order in the house at the same time!

Learn foreign languages. The monotonous actions, such as cleaning of silverware or washing windows, can be greatly combined with memorizing foreign words and practicing the rules that you need to bring to automatism. The most convenient way is to use for this audio courses and audio lessons, which are abundant on the web. But you can make yourself a list of new words, record them to the recorder and practice in a convenient format.

Do physical exercises. Does your back feel numb because of long-term work at the computer? Are your legs tired after a few hours at the wheel? Feel free to grab the vacuum cleaner, broom, duster, open the window … and combined cleaning with a workout! Squats, lunges, flexions, ups of hands and feet will not prevent you from working on the result. Perhaps people, hopping around the room with a duster, look a bit strange. But who cares?

Talk to a friend. Sometimes we are so busy that we postpone for weeks even a call to our good friends. That won’t do, dear readers! After all, we live in the heyday of communications. Put the phone on hands free talking or chat with a friend on Skype, without stopping rubbing pots with a brush or polishing shoes. If your work is not related to the racing from room to room and operation of noisy appliances – everything will work out perfectly!

Watch your favorite TV series. Of course, this is not a revolution, and will not expand your horizons. But will help you to relax and have fun! And it is not inconsiderable. As a rule, the series are well perceived in the background. However, only certain types of domestic work are suitable for this, such as ironing or cleaning the cutlery.

Sing! During cleaning you you may sing as loud as you want, thereby raising your spirits and improving blood circulation. And how much more fun to clean and wash, while imagining yourself a rock star! Important note: make sure to open the window, never sing in dusty environments. And use household cleaning products which are environmentally friendly and safe for the health. Inhaling formaldehyde and chlorine vapors while singing is a bad idea.

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