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What to do before you move in

12 Aug

What to do before you move in

Found a new apartment or rental place and want to sanitize it prior to moving in? Follow the tips below to prepare your place for move-in party. If you have children you understand how important it is to thoroughly clean and sanitize the place before the whole family will move into the new house.

First, open the windows so the place can air out. There is a high chance that the place you are moving in has been already cleaned. Still spend your time to clean it once again. Be sure you will do it more thoroughly, use better cleaning products that smell nice. We don’t think that your landlords uses expensive brands. If your home comes with fridge, definitely clean and disinfect it. Clean it out thoroughly. Don’t leave old spots or smells. Let the fridge sit with disinfectant before you fill it up. Used coffee grounds can be useful.

Buy a couple of good microfiber cloths, an all purpose cleaner or a specialty cleaner. You will need these supplies to clean the sink and appliances. If you sink is not so clean, you may need a little bit of elbow grease. Find a good all-purpose cleaner that is suitable and safe for your sink type. You can try baking soda. It’s a great cleaner that helps with drain odors as well. Rinse the sink and try to keep it in tip top shape day after day. Try to give your sink a quick wipe down after each use. Clean all countertops. Make sure your kitchen is ready for meal preparation. And don’t forget about the oven. Clean it out as well.

Make sure your carpeting is clean and sanitized before moving the furniture in. Vacuum the carpeting thoroughly, then sprinkle borax over the area. Leave the place for a couple of days. Then vacuum well. And don’t forget to vacuum under dressers.

Now move to the bathroom. Make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize this room. Notice: using car wax on shower tiles and walls helps prevent spots and hard water deposit buildup. Check the shower doors. Try shaving cream or rubbing baby oil to keep them clean and shiny.

There is no doubt that you should change your toilet seat. The same goes for your locks. You never know how many keys have bees shared. Design your place. Make sure it is cozy and neat. Tidy it up on a regular basis.

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