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Cleaning Tricks That Will Save Your Money

Cleaning Tricks That Will Save Your Money 06 May

Cleaning Tricks That Will Save Your Money

Clever housewives always think of different ways of saving family budged. When we talk about cleaning it seems that there is no way that you can save on it, but our experts agree that there are clever housekeeping tips that will help families to economize.

1.    Do not waste cleaning products

When cleaning with different cleaners, a small amount of them will do the job. Do not waste sprays, scrubs and other stuff. Instead of spritzing the surface, spray or allocate cleaner on the cloth and then clean the surface.

2.    Let your fridge be cool

Refrigerator, if it works correctly, is one of the least energy-efficient appliances. There are several rules that should be followed in order to keep fridge cooled. First of all, twice a year vacuum the coils, remove any dust or dirt. Try not to store things on top of the fridge, because these things prevent the fridge to be cooled correctly.

3.    Clean light bulbs

The dirt that is accumulated on the light bulbs can absorb up to 50% of the light. When the bulbs are cooled, clean them and enjoy brighter light. It is recommended to do clean them once or twice a month.

4.    Keep an eye on you mattress

Vacuuming your mattress at least 4 times in a year can add up to five years to the life of the mattress. Vacuuming will also help to eliminate bacteria, allergens and dust mites. You can also use 1 cup of baking soda and a little bit of lavender essential oil, apply this mixture over the mattress, leave it there for an hour and then thoroughly vacuum the surface.

5.    Clean air-conditioners

It is very important to remember that dusty air-conditioning screens are harmful for your health and in addition the conditioner doesn’t work efficiently. Cleaning or replacing of the filters will save up to 15% per month. Some of the filters are washable others (cardboard-framed) should be replaced.

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