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Fall Cleaning Checklist

10 Oct

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Autumn has come and it’s time to clean everything in the house and around the house.

Fall cleaning is a great time of preparation for a clean and comfortable winter time and it’s time to clean all summer stuff.

Experts from Maria House Cleaning have prepared a special fall cleaning checklist that will help you to be prepared for autumn.

First of all, experts say to store all the patio furniture, all the summer umbrellas and children’s stuff and summer toys.

Fall is the time to check the garage and entrance doors. You need to check if they close tightly, you may also install special thresholds and weather stripping.

On a sunny day we recommend to wash all the windows and doors in order to meet rainy fall and snowy winter.

Paint anything that should be painted or replaced.

Check garden hoses and clean them if needed.

Don’t forget to invite a professional who would clean chimneys and flues.

If we talk about the house, you need to organize all the wardrobes.

All the summer clothes should be taken away. All the summer stuff should be stored somewhere.

Now you need to clean everything in your closet and prepare fall and winter clothes.

All the heating systems should be checked and replaced if needed.

Maria Cleaning Experts know a lot about fall cleaning of the inside and the outside of your house. If you need help, just give us a call and we will prepare your house for winter.

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