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Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

28 Feb

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Here are several tips from the experts that will help you to prepare your home for spring.

1.       Change outdoor bulbs

Spring is time for cleaning all light fixtures and for replacing burnt-out bulbs.

2.       Clean Doors

Add shine to your door. Polish it or paint it with a color that will make it perfect and will stand out. Replace a welcome mate and make sure that the door bell works.

3.       Pay attention to the walkway

Cold weather and snow could have destroyed some parts of the walkway. Spring is the time to repair it or even to replace some of the bricks. If you think about complete replacement of the walkway, we recommend using stone or asphalt covering.

4.       Plant Shrubbery

It’s not a secret that correctly placed plants can cover unattractive parts of your garden and yard. For example, bushes can hide air-conditioning system. It’s obligatory to have flower beds, because they add beauty to your yard.

5.       Prune, trim and spread mulch

Make your garden look nice. Prune dead branches, trim shrubbery and spread mulch around the garden for well-kept look.

6.       Prepare the furniture

Freshen up furniture by painting it and replacing the cushions.


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