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Cleaning carpet stains is not as hard as you might think

21 Mar

Cleaning carpet stains is not as hard as you might think

You should remember that your carpet need regular care. If you want your carpet to look as good as possible you should know how to deal with spills and stains that may occur. It’s well-known fact that if you allow your carpet to become and stay dirty, it will wear out much sooner. That’s why you need to act immediately when some wine or fruit juice spills on your carpet. The longer you wait to remove the stains from your carpet, the more time the stains have to set. Don’t wait for some miracle, take a clean, dry cloth and blot until no more of the stain can be lifted. Then, pour banking soda on the cloth and blot the stain carefully.

Another problem is how to remove urine stains from your carpet. Urine penetrates deeply into absorbent materials such as carpet. And it become quite difficult to remove urine from carpet fibers. It’s extremely difficult to remove all of the urine from the carpet. Banking soda can be used to remove urine stains as well. It can be used to eliminate surface odors. Dampen the stained area with clean water and sprinkle baking soda over it. Rub the baking soda into the soiled area. Then give it time to dry. Then brush or vacuum. Also, you can save your time, but still spend your money on more expensive cleaning products than banking soda. There are many commercial products you can buy to remove urine stains. So you can choose the way of removing urine stains. But be careful buying commercial products as they contain chemicals that can be dangerous for your health and may cause different allergies.

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