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How to remove beer stains

27 Jun

How to remove beer stains

Know that sinking feeling when you find a stain on your favourite carpeting? Don’t worry – it can be removed and here are some useful tips how to get it out quickly. You can spill some beer on your shirt. This will lead to a disagreeable sour-smelling stain. But don’t get upset. You can do something about it – you can get rid of beer stains with the help of our stain removing tips. So follow our advices on how to remove beer stains.

Take action as soon as possible after the beer has been soaked up into the carpet or your clothing. Strive to remove stains before they stick for good. Remember that the longer a stain remains, the tougher it is to remove.

Nowadays there are a lot of cleaning products that remove different types of spots and stains. Before using any removal solution, check the type of your carpeting. Different carpet types react to stain removal techniques in different ways. Using the wrong removal product or method could cause the stain to become permanent. So if you’re not sure about your carpet’s suitability, contact a professional carpet cleaner for advice. Also do a patch test before applying any solution to your carpet.

Remove beer stains when they are fresh. Grab a paper towel or absorbent cloth to get the extra liquid out. Remember to be as gentle as possible when wiping and absorbing, or the stain will spread. Strive to rub gently because the stain may spread and leave an ugly mess. Let the solution stand for a while and after about ten minutes, rinse and dab the cloth dry with clean towels. If you see that the stain is not getting lighter, you may let the solution stand longer or you can use a stronger solution.

Nowadays there are plenty of stain removers on the market. So it should not be difficult to remove any beer stains. Do not despair. With some patience and elbow grease you will be able to remove even old stains. If you see that beer stain still remains quite visible after all you have done maybe it’s time to call professionals. Hire the services of professional cleaners and let them deal with your problem.

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