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How to Remove Candle Wax from a Tablecloth?

02 Jan

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Tablecloth?

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations bring not only joy and happiness, but also stains. Dripped wax is one of the common problems after parties, but do not be disappointed we can save your tablecloth.

Before cleaning your tablecloth, check it and if it is antique, fragile or handmade, we recommend dry cleaning.

Below are the four steps that will save your tablecloth.

1.    If the wax stain is hardened and cooled, take a knife and gently scrape away the wax. If the wax is not cooled, you can put your tablecloth into the freezer for some time.

2.    Take a usual brown paper bag, put it over the stain. Turn on the iron and set it on the hottest setting and iron the stain. Wax will be melted and oils will be transferred to the paper.

3.    Continue to iron the stain putting clean parts of the paper over wax.

4.    Wash the tablecloth in warm water.

This method can be used not only on the tablecloth. It is good for clothes and kitchen towels.

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