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How to remove chewing gum

12 Aug

How to remove chewing gum

It’s not a secret that many of us like chewing it, but misplaced gum can make a big mess! There are a lot of tips on how to remove it from different items, clothes, carpeting, etc. We want to introduce you several cleaning methods you can try removing chewing gum.

Remember: always try to lift as much of chewing gum as possible. Here are a few tips to try before using a remedy. Take a dull knife or other blunt object like an old credit card and scrape off as much as you can. Scrape thoroughly. Apply an ice to freeze the piece of gum that is left. Let it sit for a while.Then crack off the brittle pieces.

If you want to use softener to remove the chewing gum, make sure to protect your skin from sticky mess. Wear gloves or some plastic baggy over your hands. Soak the area in a white vinegar. Then heat with a hair dryer. Notice that some fibers can’t tolerate high heat. Be careful not to damage the fibres.

That’s life and chewing gums happen. If you need to remove the gum from your shoes it’s not a big problem. Just rub off the remaining bits with turpentine. But when it comes to clothing, it’s more difficlt process. Before removing the gum, place clothing in the freezer for several hours. After a set amount of time carefully peel off the bits. Then cover the area with a piece of wax paper and run a warm iron over top. Tis will help to remove the remainder. If you have the situation where your clothing has beed washed and dried in the laundry and only after that you found the «gum stained area», you can try pouring boiling vinegar over top. It should help dissolve the gum. Take into account this tried-and-true method.

For girls chewing gum in the hair is a real tragedy. If you’re ever faced with such problem, you understand how difficult it can be to solve it. We hope the following tips will be’s very important to get the goop out of your hair so you can get on with your day. First of all freeze the gum out with ice. Try to wrap the affected area in ice. Let it freeze for 20 minutes. Then carefully chip away at the gum. Also, you can apply any type of oil to the gum to create a slippery effect. This should slide the gum off. One more method to remove the gum from your hair is to use a mayonnaise. Apply a little bit of mayonnaise on your hair and leave it set for about 15 minutes. Then try to get it out. You could also try honey. Rub it into the area and after a while try to slide it off the hair. Or you can try peanut butter. Good luck!

If you hace to remove the gum from your carpeting, follow the next tips. First (like always), freeze with an ice cube, after some peroid of time pick out the brittle bits. A teaspoon of peanut butter can also serve as a remedy. Cover the spot with it and allow it to sit for a few minutes, then carefully lift up with a wet cloth. Clean the area with a wet, soapy cloth. In general peanut butter, mayonnaise, margarine, cooking spray, baby oil, vegetable/olive oil, can be used to try lifting up remaining bits.

We hope you will never have to tackle any of these gum problems, but if you do, you now know how to solve any of them.

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