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Stains removal tips for any case

21 Dec

Stains removal tips for any case

Removing stains from different surfaces
Stains removal is the most common and usual problem a housekeeper can face, and there is a lot of tips, helping you dispose of any stains. The shortlist of items, that are essential when you deal with stains, consists of hydrogen peroxide, a mild detergent without dyes and fragrances, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar and baking soda. Make sure that you have a spray bottle for solution and several clean terry cloths. Then, you have to determine the type of stains you face. The most popular type of it is stains on clothing. Cold water prevents it from setting, while pretreatment carried out with a mild detergent and water makes further washing much more efficient. If stain is on your carpet, vacuum it beforehand, then just blot with a mild detergent and rinse it with water. If the stain is tough, you can use hydrogen peroxide to blot it.

Cleaning stains and removing the odor
Baking soda is perfect when you need to fight the odor. Just cover the area of contamination with it and let it sit for several hours, vacuuming it afterwards. Facing tough stains is carried out the same way. For red wine spilled, cover the stain with salt: it will absorb the wine and will prevent it seeping deeper. Then blot it with white paper towels and cover the spot with baking soda, vacuuming it several hours later.

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