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How to Fight Toilet Odor?

How to Fight Toilet Odor?

How to Fight Toilet Odor? 7 Best bathroom smell remover hacks you need to know

Last time when our cleaning team was in Bellevue, smelly restroom seemed to be the first thing our customers were concerned about. So we took time looking for different methods of eliminating this unpleasant smell:

1. The quickest and the easiest – if your guests should arrive in 5 minutes and you notice a nasty odor in your toilet, but don’t have time for time-consuming cleaning, try this little trick: just light a wooden match in the middle of the room. This will produce sulfur dioxide that is strong enough to hide different smells for some period of time.

2. For the lovers of elegant methods of fighting the smell we recommend lighting a candle, even an unscented one – that will slightly neutralize unpleasant bathroom odor. Just be careful with fire if you have little children or pets living in your house.

3. But if you are looking for a way to eliminate the odor, not just hide it, house cleaning services in Seattle suggest you trying the following solution: mix 1 liter of white vinegar, ¼ c. baking soda and1 tsp. dish detergent. You can wash not only the toilet with it but the floor as well as this liquid will kill the odor, germs and eliminate grease and dirt.

4. Another helpful method is wiping your toilet with ammonia. Just make sure it doesn’t react with bleach.

5. Baking soda absorbs bad smells quite fast as well. If your toilet is small in size, you can just open a box of soda and leave it in your bathroom for a couple of days, changing the box until you get rid of the smell. However, if it is not that little, find an uncovered container and pour the soda inside. Repeat the procedure when needed.

6. Another idea house cleaning services in Seattle have in mind is getting a pack of charcoal and following the same instructions as Seattle housekeeping described in the paragraph about baking soda.

7. A thing that is advisable for very strong and old smelling stains is Hydrochloric Acid. But be very careful with it and follow the directions attentively to avoid the surface damage.

Another cause of bad smell might be the floor, the pipes or the walls. Try disinfecting them: scrub the tile with faire amount of ammonia and check your plumbing system.

Of course, there are plenty of modern detergents you can buy in the store for cleaning your bathroom and you can choose any of them that you consider efficient. But here we would advise you leaving the chemical in your toilet bawl overnight or even better for a couple of days if you are planning to leave your home for a weekend.

And remember, that the best way to eliminate any kind of odors is prevention – clean your bathroom often enough and you will not have to deal with this problem.

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