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Category Archives: Bathrooms

Methods of dealing with mold in the bathroom 05 Jul

One of the most comfortable and favorite places in the house is a bathroom. But it appears, not only people have chosen this warm and humid place. Constant temperature above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, humidity level more than 70 percent, the limited inflow of fresh air – all these factors make…

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30 Oct

Every housewife wants cleanliness and hygiene to prevail in such an important and intimate place like bathroom. It is very important for every house, but it is often difficult to implement, because of the constant humidity and abundance of bacteria in the bathroom, on its flooring and walls may appear…

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23 Oct

Shower enclosures appeared in our apartments and houses relatively recently and have gained a great popularity. Modern enclosures in addition to being more compact than bathtubs (which is an undeniable advantage for small apartments), they are more hygienic (dirt is immediately washed away with running water), more economical (the water…

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Bathroom Cleaning 27 Mar

No matter how many bathrooms you have, they tend to be busy. And if they are not cleaned regularly, lots of dust and soap scrum are accumulated there. If you want to keep your bathroom clean, it is recommended to do small cleanings every day. Wipe the surfaces down using…

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31 Jul

How to make your bathroom sparkling? These tips will help your bathroom to shine. Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary part of the cleaning in general. Below are the most useful tips for your sparkling bathroom. Use natural products Very often housewives think that it is impossible to clean a…

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23 May

If you’ve noticed that your shower curtain is dirty, it’s time to give it a wash. Washing machine is the best variant for it. Want to know how to do it? Below there are some tips from our experienced experts who know how to do it. In order to clean…

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16 May

A clean bathroom is a dream for every housewife. But the reality is so that it is always dirty. And it is understandable – we use it every day. Here are several tips from our experts. Experts recommend starting with a shower. Spray it with cleanser and leave it for…

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08 Apr

Very often all kinds of towels, even the most expensive, lose their possibility to absorb. Very often fabric softeners do not work, even on the contrary, they become stiff. What can be done to save them? Experts say that you can save the towels without using harsh cleaning products. First…

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14 Feb

Towels are the things that are used daily in our life. Everybody wants them to be soft, clean, good smelling and absorbent. Here are several most common problems: Towels do not dry wellThis problem is common for new towels; most of them are covered with manufacturer’s coating that is washed…

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17 Jan

For those who don’t know lime scale is a white film that is often fount on the faucets, in toilets and on kitchen appliances. Here are several secrets that will help you to get rid of these nasty stains. In order to clean your faucets soak a paper towel in…

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