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28 May

Would you like to adorn your home with a nice and comfortable surface? Installing new carpet is a great idea if you want to enhance the beauty of your room. The surface to be carpeted should be smooth and clean. Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Start the installation process…

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21 Mar

You should remember that your carpet need regular care. If you want your carpet to look as good as possible you should know how to deal with spills and stains that may occur. It’s well-known fact that if you allow your carpet to become and stay dirty, it will wear…

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21 Dec

Removing stains from different surfaces Stains removal is the most common and usual problem a housekeeper can face, and there is a lot of tips, helping you dispose of any stains. The shortlist of items, that are essential when you deal with stains, consists of hydrogen peroxide, a mild detergent…

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