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Anti-allergic cleaning 21 Sep

Your house is your fortress. For each person, the house is a place where comfort and convenience reigns, it’s a place where we rest after hustle and bustle of a difficult working day. But sometimes our home appears not as safe as we would like to see it. The increasing…

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06 Nov

If the building hasn’t been ventilated for an appreciable length of time (because of the owner’s departure, the sale of housing or other cause of prolonged stagnation of air), an unpleasant musty smell appears, that hovers in the air, making a stay in the house unbearable. Immediately the question arises,…

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24 Jan

Oftentimes people start working in the cleaning industry at a very early age with a purpose to earn some extra money. Some of them prefer to clean up homes, some want to work for a commercial cleaning company as there are more opportunities to receive enhanced pay when working unsocial…

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