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How to get rid of musty smell

06 Nov

How to get rid of musty smell

If the building hasn’t been ventilated for an appreciable length of time (because of the owner’s departure, the sale of housing or other cause of prolonged stagnation of air), an unpleasant musty smell appears, that hovers in the air, making a stay in the house unbearable. Immediately the question arises, how to remove all this musty smell in the house?

We would like to offer you some useful recommendations.

– Regular and high quality cleaning.
Firstly, dust and dirt are removed, which affect the air quality not in the best way. Secondly, during cleaning the airing is always done. Thirdly, during cleaning a great number of detergent is used, which clean, refresh and perfume the air.

– Timely disposal of garbage and accumulated rubbish.
Malignant bacteria are actively multiplying in garbage, which does not only spoil the smell, but can be harmful to health.

– Aromatization of the house.
Another method of removing the musty smell is the house aromatization. It is not necessary to use artificial flavors (they do not eliminate the odor, but only mask it, making indoor air heavy).

Our cleaning company invites you to try different domestic methods: arrange vanilla or cinnamon sticks around the house, preheat a few drops of vanilla essence in the oven (after that the smell of homemade cakes will reign in your house), for the nighttime leave open some containers filled with coffee beans.
All these will not only help you to get rid of unpleasant odors, but will also give the housing a pleasant aroma of home comfort.

Musty smell – from dampness

Dampness can also be the reason of the unpleasant odor. How to remove the musty smell that emerged as a result of dampness? It is required to dry the room with the help of special equipment. In this case you will not be able to do anything without referring to the cleaning agency. It is also necessary to eliminate sources of dampness: rotten skirting boards, sanitary engineering with accumulations of mould, damp carpets or rugs. You may order the necessary cleaning services on our web-site. Qualified specialists will perform all the cleaning works quickly and in a quality manner.

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