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Career path in Cleaning Industry

24 Jan

Career path in Cleaning Industry

Oftentimes people start working in the cleaning industry at a very early age with a purpose to earn some extra money. Some of them prefer to clean up homes, some want to work for a commercial cleaning company as there are more opportunities to receive enhanced pay when working unsocial hours. Some students may choose to work at hotels with hope to take a different career path later.

Working initially as a chambermaid or cleaner the cleaning personnel want to become a housekeeper. Great attention to detail is needed to be a housekeeper. This position requires great organizational skills, knowledge, and huge responsibility. The housekeeper have to inspect any work carried out around the house to ensure that everything is done the highest possible standard. The senior housekeeper should supervise all staff working within the house, hotel or other type of premises. The housekeeper should know everything that is happening in the property. He/she should control the quality of their job and check whether or not they carry out their jobs correctly and efficiently.

To become the senior housekeeper some extra special touches should set you above other housekeepers. Things such as making beds or displaying towels in attractive ways will be looked upon well.

Not all want to be stuck doing such hard work for the rest of their career. But sometimes people like this kind of work and don’t want to switch to another one. Of couse, they can simply don’t have an opportunity and/or skills to find another job. Not always but sometimes some housekeepers end up owning and running their own cleaning company. Some of them may end up training other people to work within cleaning industry positions. It is a highly demanding job as you have lots of responsibilities and have to teach and supervise people. It’s also not an easy job as you must be great and polite with people but willing to stand your own ground. But there are also many benefits of such kind of job. It can be very rewarding if you do the work well. You will not only receive your salary, but also a satisfaction from the job.

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