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Most Common Towel Problems

14 Feb

Most Common Towel Problems

Towels are the things that are used daily in our life. Everybody wants them to be soft, clean, good smelling and absorbent.

Here are several most common problems:

  • Towels do not dry wellThis problem is common for new towels; most of them are covered with manufacturer’s coating that is washed out after several washing cycles.
  • Towels smell badlyNo one likes stinky clothes, including towels. In order to get rig of the smell, try to wash them using hot water and add 1-2 cups of vinegar. Vinegar will help to fight with odors and will disinfect the fabrics. Towels like fresh air, so it is great if you hang them outside to dry.
  • Towels fadeYes, they do fade, but if you want to save bright color of the towels, add vinegar to your detergent the first time you wash new towels.
  • Towels feel like sandpaperThis problem can be resolved if you dry your towels with the addition of a fabric softener sheet.
  • If the label says no chlorine bleach, do not use it, because bleach can weaken the fiber.
  • Experts say that towels should be washed using the hottest temperatures.
  • Shake your towels out before you place them in the dryer, this will make them softer.

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