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Category Archives: Bedrooms

24 Apr

A will to clean your room is very important. Except a will you will need: a sponge, some soapy water, a vacuum cleaner or a broom. If you have no idea where to start, follow the next tips. First of all realize what makes your room messy. Pay attention to…

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05 Sep

Dirty pillows pose health risks. You should know that your pillow absorbs mold, dust, bacteria, dead skin, allergens. That’s why over a span of time your pillow doubles in weight. It’s recommended to wash your pillows 3x a year. It’s not good to skimp on your health, that’s why you…

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22 Jun

Is your bedroom the most private and personal sanctuary for you? Then, you should arrange and organize your bedroom in the best possible way. What is the main function of this room?  Relaxation, rest and renewal — with these ideas in mind start to organize your bedroom. Light up your…

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28 May

No matter are you rushing to work or not, make sure you have made your bed. You can make your bed right before or after your morning shower (breakfast). The well-made bed will definitely inspire you to deal with other messes around your house. At first sight a made bed…

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