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How to clean your pillows

05 Sep

How to clean your pillows

Dirty pillows pose health risks. You should know that your pillow absorbs mold, dust, bacteria, dead skin, allergens. That’s why over a span of time your pillow doubles in weight. It’s recommended to wash your pillows 3x a year. It’s not good to skimp on your health, that’s why you should replace your old pillows once every 2 years. You may think that it’s a waste of your money, but believe us your health is worth it. Buy pillowcases. They will protect your pillows against sweat and dust. Use pillow protectors. They will help you minimize exposure to dust and dirt as well.

Check the care label to confirm that your pillow can be machine washed. Fortunately most pillows can be. Set your washing machine to run a ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle wash cycle’ using warm water. Use mild liquid detergent rather than a powder to avoid residue. Press out as much air as possible before loading your pillows into the washer. Run a second spin cycle to help eliminate excess moisture. By removing excess moisture, you’ll help reduce mold growth and any unpleasant odors.

Put the pillows in the dryer using a low heat setting. Take 2 tennis balls and split them into 2 socks. Throwing in a couple of tennis balls wrapped in white socks during the dryer cycle will help refluff the pillows. It may take a few cycles to fully dry the pillows. Even though your pillow may feel dry, the inside may still be wet. That’s why you should remove the pillows from the dryer. Then, to get your pillows completely dry hang them in a moisture-free environment for a day or two. Enjoy your clean pillows! They are ready for your bed! Happy washing! Make cleaning your pillows a monthly habit.

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