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General cleaning checklist for the New Year

02 Jan

General cleaning checklist for the New Year

If hiring a cleaning team to regularly tidy up the home is not an option for you, prepare to spend quite a bit of time cleaning your home…especially with the New Year around the corner. If you plan on having your annual general cleaning of the house, you may find useful this checklist. Make sure to go through all of the questions.

Ask yourself the following questions when cleaning the house

Have you cleaned your kitchen appliances like your microwave oven, toaster, and gas range?

Have you washed the outside and inside of the refrigerator?

Have you scrubbed and cleaned the bathroom tiles?

Have you washed all the rugs, toilet seat covers, and shower curtains?

Have you cleaned and refilled the medicine cabinet?

Have you dusted the ceiling, blinds, and shades? And don’t forget to remove the cobwebs.

Have you washed the windows, walls, curtains, and screens?

Have you vacuumed or wash the draperies? Have you cleaned all the light fixtures?

Have you waxed, polished or repainted your wooden furniture?

Have you had your carpets steam-cleaned?

Have you had your upholstery steam-cleaned?

Have you cleaned the radiators and air conditioners or humidifiers?

Have you cleaned your garage and your car?

Have you bought new beddings, pillow covers, and curtains if needed?

Develop a house cleaning schedule, declutter and organize your house! Good luck!

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