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Cleaning Leather Furniture

12 Nov

Cleaning Leather Furniture

laminated furniture

Leather furniture is a very good but not very cheap investment. Using the improper cleaning products and techniques may destroy your favorite sofa or arm-chair.

Before cleaning your furniture you need to check on the tags. The tags will provide all the needed information on types of cleaning.

First of all you need to vacuum your sofa or arm-chairs with a vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment.

And now it’s time to use a special homemade detergent. In order to prepare it you need to add several drops of liquid soap to distilled water. If you are afraid using this mixture, first try it on a small piece. If everything goes well, you may use this technique for cleaning all the surfaces.

Use a microfiber cloth that will work effectively on the leather. First you need to wash your leather sofa with a mixture and then rinse it using distilled water without soap, and at the end dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Experts recommend after the cleaning treating the leather surface with a leather protector that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Before removing the stains on the leather furniture, you need to remember to test any cleaner on small surfaces.

Ink stains can be removed using alcohol and then rinse it and let it dry.

Grease stains are wiped away from the leather with a usual clean cloth. You also need to remember that water is not used on a grease stain.

Newsprint stains that are left by newspapers can be removed with the help of aerosol hair spray. Just spray it a little bit and then wipe with a soft and clean cloth.

If you clean the leather furniture, you need to avoid using harsh chemicals or different abrasive cleaners that may damage the furniture.

Never use oils, waxes or silicone because after using this products a sticky effect is left.

Do not use baby wipes or alkaline cleaners because they may damage the finish.

Take a good care of your furniture and prolong its life.

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