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The dirtiest place in the house

The dirtiest place in the house 06 Oct

The dirtiest place in the house

Most housewives are sure that the most dangerous bacteria live under the toilet seat. However, their habitat is much broader. What should not be overlooked during cleaning?

Cutting board

On the wooden cutting board the average number of bacteria is 200 times higher than on the toilet seat. To avoid the accumulation of harmful microorganisms it is recommended after each use to wash cutting boards in hot water and thoroughly wipe them. Make it a rule every other day to wipe the cutting boards with 6% solution of vinegar, then rinse them under running water and dry.

It is also a good practice to use separate cutting boards for handling raw meat and fish, cooked foods and vegetables, bread. And once in a year or in a year and a half it is desirable renew the whole set

Dishwashing sponge

Even perfectly clean at first glance sponge is a habitat for a variety of bacteria. Ideally, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use, and every 5-7 days changed to a new one. It is possible to extend its service life at least twice. To do this, you can moisten the sponge which does not contain metal parts, put it in the microwave and turn the most powerful mode for one minute. This will reduce the amount of bacteria as well as mold and yeast populations. It is also possible every 2-3 days to soak the sponge in a 6% solution of vinegar.

Phone and keyboard

Though the computer keyboard is still from time to time cleaned by most of us, we totally forget about the cleanness of the phone. Both are important to be wiped with the special disinfectant wipes for office equipment, or with a soft cloth slightly moistened in alcohol. This should be done at least once in two or three days.

Shower curtain

Wet and warm environment is the perfect germination bed for all sorts of bacteria. Therefore, when cleaning the bathroom do not forget to wipe the curtain with vinegar solution or any other disinfectant. The change of shower curtain is recommended at least once a year.

Washing machine

Many people believe that the washing machine is each time cleaned during washing. But the rubber seals, water conduits and containers for washing powder eventually become a habitat for not only dangerous bacteria. They are quickly settled by black mold and other fungi. Each wash will carry all of these organisms in the fabric fibers, skin, in the cupboards and in the air. In order to avoid this, all accessible places should be carefully cleaned and washed with disinfectant once a month. To clean the inside of the washing machine once a month you should turn on a full cycle at a temperature of 90-95 degrees. Every six months run the empty machine on the longest cycle at a high temperature preliminary filled the tray for washing powder with the solution of vinegar and bleach at random amount.


Waste baskets and trash cans should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with disinfectant once a month, even if you use the garbage bags. In the kitchen – every week


We carefully monitor the cleanliness under the notorious toilet-seat lid using various disinfectants. However, throwing all efforts to cleanliness of the toilet bowl and the floor, we sometimes forget about the air. Meanwhile, the air becomes stagnant in unventilated rooms, and pathogenic microorganisms continue to multiply.

So do not forget: a good ventilation system in the bathroom is one of the basic conditions for its purity.

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