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Tips for Busy Families and Moms

18 Sep

Tips for Busy Families and Moms

School time is a busy time for all the families and cleaning becomes more important thing with all these stains and spills. Here are several important tips for busy moms and families.

While cleaning we often use sponges, but don’t forget that you need to disinfect them regularly.
One of the most effective ways to disinfect you sponges is to soak them in a DIY mixture. In order to prepare it mix a cup of chlorine with a gallon of water, but don’t forget to dry them.

You can also wash the sponges in the dishwasher. This will also kill the germs.
With the kids it’s very nice to have hand-held vacuum cleaner. These vacuum-cleaners are great with little crumbs, and food particles in the school bag.

Clean sink drains are important. You may clean them by placing baking soda into it and then pour boiling water into the drains. And the next morning your kids won’t have the problems with brushing their teeth.

School time is the time for diseases and viruses, that’s why you need to have a great supply of hand soap, because washing hands is crucial for fighting the disease.

You need to encourage you kids to wash their hands regularly.

Keep your home clean and safe by using these simply tips. If you have any questions or problems with cleaning, Maria Cleaning is ready to help.

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