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What if Dishwasher Discoloration Happens?

25 Sep

What if Dishwasher Discoloration Happens?

It’s not a secret that kitchen appliances need our attention. Your dishwasher is not an exception. The problem that occurs occasionally with the dishwasher is discoloration of the dishwasher.

Experts say that there are several reasons that cause discoloration.

First of all, manganese and iron that are contained in the water may cause appearance of red, brown or black stains on the dishwasher or on the dishes. But this problem is easily removed with the help of rust remover. You need to fill both detergent containers with it and run a usual wash cycle. Don’t use the detergent together with rust remover.

The next things that cause discoloration are food. You may increase the amount of washing detergent. In order to remove the dishwasher discoloration, fill both detergent containers with citric acid products, and now run a usual cycle and then run your dishwasher one more time just using the detergent.

The second variant for fighting this problem is filling both detergent containers with rust remover, run a usual cycle and additional rinse cycle. The next cycle may be short, but it should be with the detergent.

Baking soda is the next variant for fighting this problem. You need to fill both detergent containers with baking soda, turn the dishwasher on and in 5 minutes open the door and leave it open for a night. In the morning close the door and finish the cycle.

Don’t forget about saving the energy. In order to save it, don’t run the dishwasher half empty, always wash a full load. In order to save the energy you may choose no heat dry selection.

Before using your dishwasher read the manual and don’t use the products that shouldn’t be used in your model.

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