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Cleaning Tips that are Ruinous

Cleaning Tips that are Ruinous 09 Apr

Cleaning Tips that are Ruinous

Have you ever thought that cleaning can be really ruinous? Yes, it is really so. There are several things that we shouldn’t do in order not to ruin our precious stuff.

Do not pour cleaner onto a carpet stain

Remember that over-saturating the stain can damage your carpet and fiber. What you need to do is to have patience. Wait a little bit and then blot the stain. Spray a little bit of water and then blot the stain again using a clean cloth.

Do not clean your coffeemaker with bleach

It seems to me that this is the worst idea to use bleach. It is very strong chemical and after cleaning you will surely have it in your morning coffee. We recommend using vinegar, it is not so strong and works well on them.

Vinegar is not a universal cleaner

Do not use vinegar for cleaning vinegar. Yes, it works well on most of the surfaces, but it can etch marble or damage other surfaces. Be careful using vinegar.

Do not wipe your windows with newsprint

We recommend using a microfiber cloth, because ink from the newspaper can leave stains on window sills and trims.

Do not use chlorine bleach for rusting stains

Chlorine bleach doesn’t help a lot, but just on the contrary may worsen the problem. Our cleaning company recommends using vinegar instead of chlorine bleach. Pour a little bit of vinegar and let it stay there for some time, then rub the stain and wash thoroughly.

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