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Some of the challenges house cleaners face daily

21 Jan

Some of the challenges house cleaners face daily

Being a house cleaner is a very demanding job. Each house wants different things. Most people leave a list of things to do and want a house cleaner to come when they are not in the house. Job responsibilities vary from home to home, but the most common cleaning tasks include dusting, wiping surfaces and polishing furniture, making beds, ironing, hoovering, washing-up, or cleaning windows, floors or carpets. Also, cleaners are expected to clean all the rooms in a house, including bathrooms and toilets. This may be unhygienic and requires using protective equipment such as face-masks or gloves.

The house cleaner should ensure that all cleaning jobs within the house are completed in time and to the best possible standard. Hard work, serious approach and patience are also desirable to ensure that tasks are performed to customer satisfaction. The cleaner should carry out the cleaning jobs correctly and efficiently.

Honesty and a sense of responsibility are major issues within the industry. Trust is important in building and maintaining a client base. People prefer to hire insured, bonded and background checked cleaners. Most cleaning companies carefully vet their employees and give guarantees while freelance or self-employed cleaners have to work hard to establish a network of trusting customers. Word-of-mouth and local advertising are of high importance for self-employed cleaners.

Even if you’re working for some cleaning company, standard benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, pension schemes and so on are rare within the industry. Also, there is not much opportunity for house cleaners to increase their earnings above a certain income as the work is largely unskilled and people generally seek to employ cleaners in a flexible, part-time capacity.

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