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Appliances That You Forget to Clean

29 May

Appliances That You Forget to Clean

After you’ve cleaned everything, scrubbed the kitchen, unfortunately, there are still places that we forget to clean. Here is the list of appliances that we usually forget to clean properly.

Washing machine

Usually people think that washing machine is clean because soap and water cleans it. Don’t forget that interior of the washing machine should be cleaned if you have hard water. Our experts recommend running the machine with an addition of vinegar, a quarter of a cup is enough.

If you have a model that has a fabric softener dispenser in the middle, you also need to clean it from time to time. Take the container out and clean it under the running water.

Coffee Pot

Of course, we clean a coffee pot daily, but we have never look at the water dispenser. Some of the coffee makers can be cleaned in a washing machine. For those models that cannot be washed automatically. If you want to make sure that the coffee maker is free from build-ups, run vinegar through it in order to clean the whole system.

Garbage Disposal

Some people even don’t remember when they cleaned the garbage disposal the last time. It is not even hard to do. Just use baking soda which will not only clean the disposal, but will make it fresh and germ free. You can also put lemon or orange peels in the disposal to make the smell better.


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