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What products to use to clean a shower

29 Mar

What products to use to clean a shower

Plenty of commercial shower cleaners claim they can eliminate soap scum and mildew. But is it true? We will try to help decide which cleaning products to use to clean your shower. Which products – homemade or commercial – are better to use?

Most people use commercial cleaners to clean their showers. These products are not cheap, that’s why there are even two reasons for switching to ego-friendly homemade cleaners. Almost all store-bought shower cleaners contain harsh chemicals that badly influence on the environment. In effort to reduce spending and protect the planet more and more people strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Instead of purchasing expensive chemical-laden cleaning products people start to make their own homemade shower cleaning solutions.

There is a plenty of recipes for homemade shower cleaners. It’s really very simple and inexpensive to make your own shower cleaner at home. The most popular way to make the solution is to mix up vinegar and water. You should place a one-to-one ratio of the ingredients in a spray bottle. Then, just shake the bottle and your solution is done. Spray it in your shower.

To avoid having to clean your shower frequently always wipe down the shower wall and doors after taking shower. By eliminating excess water you can reduce soap scum, grime, and mildew.

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