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What Cleaning Supplies Should You Have?

07 Nov

What Cleaning Supplies Should You Have?


What supplies should you have at home for a great cleaning? What products will you use to maintain the cleanliness? When you hire a cleaning company, they usually have their own products and supplies that they use. Our experts recommend having at home at least several of them to maintain the cleanliness of your house.

·         The main thing you need to have for cleaning is cleaning gloves. You need to wear them every time you start cleaning. It’s not a secret that chemicals that are used in cleaning products can be harmful to your skin. Experts usually recommend using latex gloves that are cheap and can be reused. You may also choose longer gloves that will protect larger area of your skin.

·         Cleaning cloths and sponges

There is a great choice of the cleaning cloths, so you may choose whatever you like better. As for the experts, most of them use microfiber cloths and pads that add extra shine to the surfaces. The other plus of microfiber cloths is that they can be washes as many times as you want.

·         Multipurpose cleaners

You don’t need to purchase several cleaners for different surfaces, it’s much better to buy one multipurpose cleaner that will be used for cleaning different surfaces. Using one cleaner saves not only money, but also time. Be sure to read the label of your cleaner, try to choose eco-friendly cleaners.

·         Vacuum cleaners and mops

These appliances are very important for your home. And your choice of the vacuum cleaner depends on the size of your house and on the kinds of floors you are going to clean. While choosing a cleaner you need to pay attention to the suction abilities of the vacuum cleaner. It is much more difficult to choose mops. Usually cheap ones are not so good in picking up the dirt; others that are more expensive require using a bucket of water. So everything depends on the size of your house and on the budget that you have.

Of course you need to understand that all the supplies that you buy should be honed to your own needs such as the size of the house, the budget, and the amount of dirt you have in the house.

If you still doubt, we will be glad to help you and answer all your questions. Just give us a call and we will help you with cleaning of your house.

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