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Cleaning floors like a professional cleaner

09 Jul

Cleaning floors like a professional cleaner

Defining the floor cleaning method
If you want to clean your floors like a professional cleaner, you have to find out, what kind of floor you have, beforehand. For Swedish Finish Wood floors (most wood floors for last 25 years have Swedish Finish) you should use around 1 TBL of vinegar for a gallon of warm water.
Linoleum floors can be cleaned the same way, but they’re much more unpretentious, so you can scrub the spots out with a plastic brush. Make sure that you’ll dry all the water off the wood floors, because it will leave spots otherwise.

Tips for cleaning bamboo and marble floors
Pergo and bamboo floors can be cleaned with vinegar, but they require the minimum usage of water and immediate drying, because water can damage them. Remember, that you can never use vinegar for stone or marble floors. Any acid, including vinegar, will destroy them quickly.
You should use plain warm water, or add a half TSP of oil soap, helping you to dispose of dirt. As always, remember to dry your floors up immediately after cleaning, to prevent the water leftovers turn into spots.

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