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How to keep your laminate floors shiny

01 Jun

How to keep your laminate floors shiny

Do your best to keep your laminate floors free of dust and dirt. Dirt and hard debris can cause scratches. This in its turn will dull your floors. Sweep and vacuum your laminate floors regularly to prevent the shine from becoming dulled. Also, your floors may look dull because of improper cleaning techniques prior applied. Most conventional floor cleaning solutions leave residue. It can be the cause of dull finish.

Remove the residue your floors may be coated with. Wipe the floor with straight vinegar. Repeat the process until the shine appears under the dull residue. Try it on a small area first.

Don’t spend your money on commercial cleaning solutions. Water is all you need to clean your laminate floors. Try to mop your floor as little as possible. Your floor will dry very quickly if you use a cloth mop to mop the floor. If after mopping you notice water marks on your floor, it may be because hard water. Add vinegar to water in order to prevent water marks while mopping.

Cleaning is not a remedy if you laminate floor is old. Unfortunately you may find it very difficult or even impossible to revive the floor’s shine. If after removing residue your floor is still dull it can mean that your floor surface is worn away. A mop on floor shiner can be a rescue if you want to bring shine back on to your laminate flooring. In order to keep you laminate floors shiny apply a couple of coats of floor polish. Do it evenly.

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