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Toxic Chemicals and Cancer

27 Sep

Toxic Chemicals and Cancer

Why do many people try to choose eco-friendly cleaning products?

The answer is clear…because they do not harm people, they do not cause allergies and other diseases even such terrible as cancer.

Scientists have proved that toxic chemicals that are contained in the cleaning products contribute to cancer development.

Experts from our company try to avoid using such cleaning products and here is the list of the most common toxic chemicals that contribute to cancer development.

1.      Synthetic musk

Synthetic musk is considered to be endocrine disruptor. Scientific tests have also showed that synthetic musk has been found in the breast milk of mothers.

2.      Benzene

Benzene is considered to be a human carcinogen. The studies have shown that it contributes to increased risk of leukemia and other blood diseases.

3.      Phenol

This toxic chemical is found not only in the cleaning products, but also in the mouthwash. Phenol is linked to damage of respiratory and circulatory systems of your body; it also damages liver, eyes and kidneys.

4.      Phthalates

This toxic chemical is really harmful during pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood, it causes different organ damages and different types of cancers.

5.      1.4-dichlorobenzene

The studies have shown that this toxin is found in the blood of almost all Americans. Tests have shown that it causes lung damage and toxicity of different organs.

6.      Terpenes

Terpenes is added into cleaners with such scents as lemon, pine or orange. The problem occurs when it interacts with ozone particles, because this interaction results in the formation of toxic substances that are similar to formaldehyde which is known to be a carcinogen.

7.      Formaldehyde

This toxin is a known carcinogen.

This list is not complete, of course, but these are the most common toxic chemicals that should be avoided.

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