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How to Raise Organized Kids?

18 Dec

How to Raise Organized Kids?

Raising kids is not an easy process, but raising organized kids is even more difficult. Today with the help of childcare experts and professional organizers we will try to understand what should be done in order to have the kids who are eager to help in cleaning.

Start teaching them when they are young. Even toddlers will eagerly help you with cleaning their own things.

Explain to the kids that they need to keep their bedroom, playroom in order. Do not allow them to play until these rooms are in order and you are satisfied.

Teach them to clean after themselves when the game is over. Teach them to put away a toy or another thing before the new one is taken.

Teach them to put away dirty clothes and do not make mountains out of dirty cloths.

In order to raise organized kids you need to organize their space. Everything should have the right place. Organize their playroom in such a way that they are able to reach every shelf and every drawer.

Make it easy for them to remember where the right place for their toys is. Label all the bins, shelves and drawers.

The main thing in teaching your kids to be organized is to be a real example for them. They follow what they see. If you practice what you preach you will raise organized kiddos.

Also let your children to help you in everything, let them to put away groceries, to fold laundry or to sweep the floor. Never refuse their help.

Childcare experts also say that cleanliness starts from us; we need to be clean and tidy. Your children should not only know about the personal hygiene, but they should do it. They should wash everyday, brush teeth, wash face, etc.


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