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Category Archives: Kitchen

The proper cleaning of the fridge 30 Oct

In order for household appliances to last longer, you need to take a proper care of them. This also applies to the main character of today’s article – a refrigerator! What rules should be followed when cleaning it up, what tools can help to get rid of the unpleasant smell,…

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How to clean a sink quickly and thoroughly 13 Jan

Clean and shiny sink definitely delights the eye. But over time, it becomes impossible to achieve cleanliness, by simply wiping its surface with a sponge with soapy water. Food waste and soap plaque can accumulate in the kitchen sink; with time water stains and rust appear, etc. Today, together we…

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Deep cleaning of the kitchen – an easy task? 10 Nov

Kitchen is a special place of our house. Very rarely people living in a house or an apartment limit themselves to only preparing food in the kitchen. As a rule kitchen becomes a place of family communication. Intimate conversations, the preparation of homework under mother’s supervision, while there is cooking…

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Quick and Easy Cleaning of your Microwave 24 Feb

Many modern housewives have microwaves in their kitchen. They excellently cope with heating the food taken out from the refrigerator, with defrosting food from the freezer, they can quickly prepare delicious and healthy dishes. However, they need proper care, as well as all domestic kitchen appliances. How can we quickly…

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Grease stains in the kitchen – how to cope with them effectively ? 10 Dec

No matter how carefully you cook the food and how hard you try to keep the kitchen clean, no one manages to avoid grease stains on various kitchen surfaces. The tiny fat droplets evaporate during cooking, and are deposited on the walls, ceiling, furniture, glass. You cannot prevent such formations…

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How to Clean a Sink? 01 Jun

Sometimes it seems to me that kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest and germiest places in the kitchen. So today, I’m going to share with you several tips that will help you to combat bacteria, germs and dirt on your kitchen sink. Before cleaning your sink, empty it. Take…

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How to Clean Your Laminate Furniture? 02 Feb

Laminate is a popular choice for many families because it’s durable and more affordable than wood. But cleaning laminate tops sometimes may be tricky. Our experts will tell you how to clean without many efforts. If you clean your laminate tops properly and thoroughly, you will surely restore the original…

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05 Dec

Sometimes we do not think that there are special rules and tips that will help your dishwasher to work and smell properly. Our cleaning experts have prepared the most important rules to keep your dishwater in tip-top condition. If your dishes have food that is left on them, you will…

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Clean Like a Pro  21 Nov

Many people think that cleaning is not a big deal, many hate cleaning and others love it, though they do not clean quickly and efficiently. Here are several tips from our cleaning experts who will help you to improve your cleaning skills. The first and the main rule for every…

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03 Oct

Sometimes our freezers look like Antarctica. We have products there that can not be identified, some of them smell, others look nasty. What to do and where to start? Start with taking everything out. If you have lots of ice in the freezer, unplug it and leave for 30 minutes.…

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