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How to clean a washing machine

04 Jun

How to clean a washing machine

Make your kitchen look stylish! Add elegance to your kitchen with the help of sparkling clean washing machine.

Years of constant use are noticeable. But still strive to maintain cleanliness of your machine. Ingrained look of your washing machine can be very hard to shift.

To bring your washing machine back to “clean life”, you will need to clean both the inside and outside. First of all pull your washing machine out if it’s hidden under a kitchen counter.

Before you start, collect all the following tools: several cloths, bowl of hot water, toothbrush, toothpick, washing up liquid, and some bactericidal products.

When cleaning the outside, concentrate on the buttons first. Use a toothpick to dig out the grot. Then take the toothbrush, apply some bactericidal cleaner and work around the buttons. Take a cloth with some bactericidal cleaner and wipe down the sides, the front and bottom of the machine. Use an old cloth to wipe down the back of the washing machine.

If the detergent tray is removable, take it out and soak it into hot water. Use the bactericidal cleaner to clean where the tray slides into the machine. Use a toothbrush for hard to reach areas. Clean the detergent tray regularly to prevent build up. Wipe down the door with your cleaner.

Now we are going to clean the insides of your machine. In order to disinfect the insides, pour a few caps of vinegar into the tray and allow the machine to complete the cycle or two. With all that done your kitchen now looks cleaner than before.

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