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How to Make Your Fridge to Work Perfectly?

12 Dec

How to Make Your Fridge to Work Perfectly?

First of all, we need to understand whether a fridge is special equipment that keeps the foods fresh forever or should we throw away the products after several days of being in the fridge.

One answer to this problem can be fridge thermometer that will indicate the temperature, because there are no benefits from wrong storage.

Specialists have also prepared several useful tips that will help your fridge to work efficiently.

Different cold zones
There are different cold zones in your fridge. The bottom container is the coldest compartment in the fridge, and it is designed for meat storage.

At the same time this compartment keeps the food safe. For example, if the package leaks, it won’t contaminate other products.

The warmest part of the fridge is the door. It is the best place for sodas, eggs and other products.

The best temperature for the inside of the fridge is 34-40°F.

Everyday cleaning consists of wiping up spills in order to keep bacteria from growing.

In order to clean your fridge use a homemade solution. Use usual warm water and baking soda. It will also help to disinfect your fridge.

Cooked meals storage
First of all, you need to remember that you cannot put the hot food into the fridge. Let it cool to room temperature and only then place to the fridge. Hot products will drop the temperature inside the fridge significantly.

Use special containers with covers, these containers will help to keep foods fresh for longer period of time.

Meat should be left in the original packaging for preventing bacteria spreading.

Do not place bread and cookies in the fridge, because cold will make them stale.

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