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Creating Homemade Fragrances

20 Dec

Creating Homemade Fragrances

There is a great number of deodorizers can be found at the stores. But are all of them air-friendly? Of course, no. today the experts from the cleaning company in Seattle will give us several tips on how to make your own deodorizers and make your home smell greatly.

The best ways to create home fragrances is using different spices, flowers and fruits.

If we talk about spices, you are to choose those that you like more. This can be ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, etc.

There are several methods that will help you to create nice scent for your home. There is a pot method and a saucepan method. If you choose to prepare the fragrance in a pot, then fill half of the pot with water and boil it, then make the fire smaller and add spices.

If you choose a saucepan method, fill half of it with water and heat the water till it simmers and only then add spices.

Both of these methods work because heating helps spices to release their scents.

If you do not these kinds of spices you may use citrus that can be a great substitution.

Flowers and different plants can also add nice smell to your home.

Experts recommend smelling flowers before buying them, because nowadays it’s very popular to breed flowers without fragrance in order to make them non-allergic.

The best flowers for these purposes are roses, magnolias, peonies or lilacs.

If you are a gardener, you may also choose houseplants that will also add interesting scent. But keep in mind that not all the plants will have strong odor.

Before purchasing talk to a seller and explain the reason why you want to have a plant at home.

The most common plants are freesia, hyacinth, hoya, jasmine, gardenia, primrose and narcissus.

Also ask the seller about the proper care and feeding.

Now it’s time for you to choose the best way that will freshen your house up.


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