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Scent and Your Personality

22 Nov

Scent and Your Personality

Did you know that your favorite scent can tell a lot about your personality? Find out what your favorite scent tells about you.

·         Lemon

People who love this scent are organized and hate clutter. They love furnishing of light color and they are real leaders in life. These people are very active and lead an active way of life; they spend a lot of time out of doors. By the way, this scent improves alertness and relieves stress.

·         Orange

This is a scent for creative personalities. Their house is not always clean but it is warm and cozy. The orange scent helps those who feel stressed. It improves the mood and gives a sense of calmness.

·         Mountain spring

This fresh scent prefer people who are called nature lovers. They prefer green lifestyle in everything, even in cleaning. They love gardening, decorating, and bike riding. Their home is full of eco-friendly pieces of décor.

·         Ocean breeze

Ocean breeze scent love easygoing personalities. They love animals and treat them as members of the family. This people give a lot, they are involved in charity. They are very optimistic. Their house is very light and full of joy.

·         Lavender

Lavender scent helps to relax, so this cent is preferred by people who have stress jobs. These people also love vacations, they love yoga. Lavender scent was used by Egyptians for calming and for relieving stress.

·         Floral

Floral scent is chosen by romantics. They love classic movies, they believe in wonders and have tender hearts. Their house is full of fabrics of warm colors. These people have very tight connections with their family and friends. They are very caring personalities.

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