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Enzymatic Cleaners

27 Dec

Enzymatic Cleaners

If you have thought about using eco-friendly cleaning products, probably you have heard about enzymatic cleaners. But how do they work and when can we use them? These questions are very common, so our experts decided to help you and will answer these questions with pleasure.

Enzymatic cleaners contain enzymes that are produced by animals and fruits. Enzymes connect to special molecules that are found in fat, protein and sugar, this process helps ho remove the stains. Enzymes also break up the molecules that create unpleasant smells and odors.

But keep in mind that enzymatic cleaners are not the universal cleaning products.

Experts say that these cleaners work well while getting rid of stains from fabrics, carpets, rugs and other soft surfaces. You may also use enzymatic cleaners to get rid of such stains as grease, oil, blood or urine.

You need to know that if you use enzymatic cleaners they usually lift up a stain, that’s why you need to blot it and not to rub. Rubbing will make the stain to look worse.

Enzymatic cleaners may also be used on the wooden surfaces. They perfectly clean cutting boards and other surfaces in the kitchen.

You may also use them on leather, plastic and other surfaces such as showers and tubs.

Enzymatic cleaners are great and many of them can be found at the stores, but you can also prepare your own enzymatic cleaner. It should be said that this process takes time and effort, because usually citrus enzymatic cleaner is prepared for three months when you ferment citrus pieces. While fermenting, citrus will produce yeasts that generate enzymes.

There are several receipts how you can prepare these cleaners, and later such cleaners need proper storing. From time to time you will need to add yeast to it. But here you also need to keep in mind that this citrus cleaner is not universal. It cannot be used on every surface.

Enzymatic cleaners won’t be able to replace all your cleaning product, but they will make your cleaning eco-friendly. These all-natural cleaners will help to keep your house clean and smelling great.




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